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Financial Assistance

Do you need financial assistance?  Washington State legislature passed House Bill 1660 with the goal to eliminate costs and barriers to student participation in extracurricular activities.

Your student will qualify for assistance if they are currently enrolled in the following programs:

  • College Bound Scholarship Program
  • National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program

Financial Assistance Release Form (submit online)

Complete this brief online form to give permission to release your student's name and waive fees in your school's extra-curricular programs (sports, clubs, dances, game admission, drama, and more).  Your school office will verify your enrollment in the above qualifying programs.  All financial assistance is kept confidential.

Fill out the form once each school year.  Once you submit the form and are verified by the office, all extra-curricular fees going forward will be waived.  Please note, any fees paid in the past, before submitting the form, cannot be refunded.

Questions?  Contact SMS Office Manager Betsy Evensen.