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Sixth Grade Classes at SMS

What are classes like in middle school?

All sixth-grade students have six class periods per day.  They take four required core classes: math, language arts, science and social studies.  They take one required year-long PE/health class and one exploratory class.  We automatically enroll students in the required classes but ask them to choose their exploratory classes.

Your student will choose one exploratory from two options:  

  1. Music Pathway: Students take band or choir as a year-long course.  
  2. Exploratory Rotation: Students take four quarter-long courses. These are subject to change, but current options are art, digital media, introduction to world languages, and music appreciation.

Registration for your exploratory option is completed online via FamilyID. (For information on using FamilyID, click here.)

Our SMS principals have recorded a helpful introduction to our school that goes over registration information in addition to other key points to prepare for the first day of middle school.  Please use this video to familiarize your family with SMS and for assistance as you and your student navigate this transition process. 

Music Pathway

Exploratory Rotation